About me

the earth is giving birth
a tree…”

                                  Vicente Huidobro


I was born in 1971 at the city of Santiago, Chile.

My first name is Vanessa wich stands for a butterfly.

I am the youngest, of 5 sisters and was raised up in open country at the foot of the Andes Mountains being able to enjoy nature since I was quite small, inhabiting each coin, observing worms and spiders under the stones drawing with mud with the help of thorns, chasing butterflies trough out the garden, discovering everything…

Afterwards I wanted to discover more and lived in the trees… first to feel the wind and to look far away, afterwards to dream and to draw between the leaves… and today, only to hear the silence…

My work speaks of the South, the smell of Woods after rain falls, the light reflected in moving waters, the fallen tree, the running river, the simplicity that dwells in nature and shows up in life.

It is the beginning of an important and long awaited process wich has been been developed in my Studio in Pirque and now is giving its firsts fruits.